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GenIbet is located in Portugal, 15 Km West of Lisboa in the ITQB/IBET campus, a campus with over 600 researchers. GenIbet operates in its own purpose built manufacturing facility.

Directions from the airport:
Head in direction of Algés taking the segunda circular and IC17. Take the avenida marginal in the direction to Oeiras. Exit the av Marginal in Santo Amaro de Oeiras (exit to the right near Macdonals and Prio Gas station (right after a street way down)). On the round shape trafic interseption, go to the left to pass a small bridge, then stay on the right to pass bellow the train lines. When reaching the top, stay on the right (only way possible). On the street lights turn to the left. On the first street turn to the right. At the end turn to the left . A 100 m after, turn to the right, there is the security officer and you are there. Then, just follow the arrows.
Factory: Edifício da UP do iBET
Estação Agronómica Nacional
Avenida da República
2780-157 Oeiras, Portugal

Offices: Rua Melvin Jones, 1
Loja C e D
2780-133 Oeiras, Portugal

(+ 351) 21 446 94 84
(+351) 21 446 94 80

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