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Our team together with IBET

GenIbet, together with IBET, have extensive experience of working with and developing different microbial and mammalian expression systems (see list below) starting from the gene of interest. Our cell culture and molecular biology groups have the knowledge to maximize cell line productivity and adapt cells to grow in defined media compatible with downstream processing requirements (see also Process Development).

IBET has a long track record in:
      - Establishing stable and high producer cell lines ready for successful transfer to large scale production;
      - Medium development;
      - Product stability testing; 
      - Bioprocess development.

We can work with you on the selection of the most suitable expression system to produce your product in terms of cost, product quality and process efficiency.

Our track record includes:
      - Mammalian cell lines (ex. BHK, CHO, 293, Caco2, Sp2/0, BAE, etc.)
      - Insect cell lines (ex. SF9, SF21, Te Fly, Hi5, etc.)
      - Bacteria/yeast (ex. Escherichia coli, Pichia Pastoris, etc.)
      - Viruses (ex. adenovirus, baculovirus, etc.)


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