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Analytical Development
High quality analytical development is critical for successful biomanufacturing. GenIbet together with IBET’s Analytical Services Unit have a long track record in the development and/or implementation of analytical techniques, namely:
      - Cell Based assays
      - In vitro potency assays
      - Protein quantification
      - Molecular biology methods
      - Detection and quantification of impurities or contaminants in pharmaceutical formulations such as endotoxins and host cell DNA

The IBET Analytical Services Unit (ASU) carries out analytical development, validation and testing of chemicals and biologicals as well as studies on candidate pharmaceutical products according to GLP (OECD Good Laboratory Practices Principles). The Unit is certified by the INFARMED (Portuguese Pharmacy and Medicines Agency) and IPQ (Portuguese Institute for Quality) as compliant with GLP.

Analytical Services Unit
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