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Quality Control

Quality Control provides analytical services (microbiological and physic-chemical) in full support of the Production capabilities in GenIbet.  This includes:
      - Environment monitoring to ISO classification
      - Raw materials analysis to Ph. Eur.
      - In-Process-Control sample analysis of processes
      - Finished products analysis for the final product in accordance to Client 

Quality Control is a critical part of GenIbet and is a major factor in the successful manufacture of biotechnology products.

In addition to the support of Production, Quality Control is also able to provide clients with support of method development and method Validation (in accordance with ICH and other regulatory guidelines).  Together with the GenIbet partner Analytical Laboratories, IBET’s Analytical Services Unit, Quality Control has extensive experience in many techniques, namely:
      - Cell Based assays
      - In vitro potency assays
      - Protein quantification
      - Molecular biology methods
      - Detection and quantification of impurities or contaminants in pharmaceutical 
      formulations such as endotoxins and host cell DNA.

Quality Control provides the centre piece to GenIbet capability as a provider of Biotechnology products and services.

Analytical Services Unit

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